Enterprise Social Network

Today 35% of the world population has access to internet, 75% of Internet users are users of social networks (Facebook alone with more than 1 billion users).

Sources : US Census Bureau, InternetWorldStats, CNNIC, Tencent, FaceBook, Vkontakte, ITU, CIA. WeareSocial.org

The extensive use of social networks privately causes emergence of tools called "Enterprise social networks" aimed to import consumer uses in the working world.

In fact, until today, the work of one person or group of persons was mainly centered around documents. The Emergence of Enterprise Social  Networks (ESN) causes a refocusing of activities around people and "human capital" by emulating a number of social behavior (informal discussion at the coffee machine, passage in the office of the expert recognized by all for quick advice or opinions etc ...) manhandled by our current ways of working (geographically remote teams, increasing productivity expectations with little room to interactions not "recoverable" etc. ..).

The enterprise social network differs from its public parent by the concept of work (some people say "oh it's like facebook for enterprise" it's the wrong approach, you're not sharing your holidays pictures on your working tools).

It corresponds to a collaborative solution designed to link internal or external persons to the company.

The main features of this applications are:

  • Enriched user profiles
  • The newsfeed
  • The personal board
  • Communities
  • Apps

In which cases you should implement this kind of product ?

  • Stimulate information feedback from the field
  • Valuing Skills
  • Become more responsive
  • Managing new ideas
  • Stimulate contribution
  • Capitalization of knowledge
  • Community of Practice
  • Develop conversations and traceability of these (capitalize on informal knowledge and unstructured information)

What are the benefits ?

  • Fewer meetings
  • Increased productivity geographically dispersed
  • Decreased volume of emails exchanged
  • Increased visibility and interaction with institutional content
  • Decreased turnover
  • Etc.

Which tools can be implemented?

Our partner, Sitrion, offers a really interesting approach in terms of user adoption.

Turnkey tools were created to meet the following demands :

  • Sitrion One : Cloud architecture for rapid development of native mobile applications.
  • Internal communication: targeted distribution, tracking the number of reading, interaction etc.
  • Social innovation: idea box with a principle of voting and points assigned to the emergence of new
  • Self-service HR: HR process followed with Task approval center

The interfaces make this tool a real asset for a company that has chosen to SharePoint :

What we offer :

coaching, training, deployment, customization.



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