If you need to integrate content into SharePoint from a filesystem, to migrate from SharePoint onPremise to SharePoint regardless of the release; our partner Metalogix tools will become indispensable to you and quickly profitable!

When talking about migration, restructuration, cutting-edge administration and compliance, Metalogix is one of the key players on the market. This also includes backups’ management / restore within a SharePoint environment. Your ROI is a quick step away!




To provide answer to major mission-critical situations, the following tools’ suite is available from the editor :

  • Content Matrix: some or all your content supported online as well as onPremise. Migration from fileshare expected along with no installation on server.

  • ControlPoint: advanced and centralized permissions’ management, auditing, reporting and clean-up for outdated content, etc…

  • Replicator: Synchronize content across multiple SharePoint farms. Easy to use to synchronize SharePoint farms wherever they’re located!

  • StoragePoint: Improve SharePoint storage for content databases. Offers its own RBS connector to externalize Blobs and subsequently boost backup efficiency and performances.

  • SharePoint backup: Fast granular backup and restore for SharePoint.


What we offer:

Our expertise based on our clients’ successes. A quick set-up and deployment, with our professional know-how and the best partnership with the editor (L4 support).




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